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Project Lifting Spirits' mission is to provide ongoing support, and gifts of encouragement to our brave service members, veterans, and their families both HOME and ABROAD.

Our organization works hard to strengthen and support the veterans in our community. There’s just one thing missing: YOU! Are you interested in volunteering for our organization, or are you looking for assistance yourself? Become part of our community!

Project Lifting Spirits ultimate goal is to be able to provide encouragement to all of the brave men and women who sacrifice daily to ensure that we are safe and to protect the liberties we all enjoy. This will help them remember that we deeply appreciate their sacrificial service to maintain our COUNTRY'S PRECIOUS FREEDOMS.

Our Services

Veterans' Santas

Often, when a troop is wounded, the one thing they really miss being able to do is provide a gift for their own child. We will be trying to see to it that every wounded service member in our area has a gift on hand to give his/her child when they come to visit "Daddy" or "Mommy" at the hospital.

Donation Collection

Anything that the wounded troops can do during their recovery that will help them relax, and wait out the seemingly endless tests, etc. They need things that will help them smile and even laugh. They need a little comic relief from the pain and intense stress they are under!

Community Events We've Hosted For Veterans

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